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Die Eigenschaften des Wolfram-Drähten

Abmessungen und Toleranzen

Wolfram Draht Durchmesser sind in der Regel in Bezug auf mm (oder Zoll) angegeben. Für dünne Drähte von 0,02 mm bis 0,5 mm im Durchmesser, ist der Durchmesser der Wolframdraht durch Gewicht pro Längeneinheit gemessen. Das heißt, das Gewicht ausgedrückt in mg einer Länge von 200 mm Wolframdraht.

Die Standard-Durchmesser-Toleranz beträgt 3% der Messung. Engere Toleranzen sind möglich, abhängig von der Anwendung für Wolframdraht Produkt.

Für dickere Drähte von 0,5 mm bis 6,5 mm im Durchmesser, sind die Messungen mm verwendet. Die Toleranzen werden als Prozentsatz des Durchmessers angegeben. Standard Toleranz beträgt 1,5%.


Tensile strength for tungsten wire is usually expressed in grams per milligram weight of a 200mm (or) g/mg/200mm. The normal range of values is from 40 to 110 grams. In general, as tensile strength increases, wire straightness decreases.


Tungsten wire can be straightened via mechanical or heat treating processes. Typically, the measure of the straightness of a tungsten wire is obtained by cutting a ten inch long piece of wire and allowing it to lie on a flat clean surface. The maximum deviation from a straight line along its length is the quantitative measure of its straightness. In general, as the degree of straightness increases, tensile strength decreases.


Longitudinal cracks with a depth of more than 15% of the wire diameter are called splits. Tungsten wire is checked for splits with an eddy current split detector. The split level for a given length of wire is typically less than 5%.

Quality and Finish

Wire is free of scratches, kinks and distortions insofar as they are harmful to the intended end use of the product. Surface finish is supplied in the black, as drawn condition, where drawing lubricants and oxides are retained on the surface, or in the cleaned condition by firing in hydrogen or electrochemical etching.


Wire is spooled on clean, defect free spools. For very large diameters, tungsten wire is self coiled. Spools are level filled without piling near flanges. The outer end of the wire is properly marked and attached securely to the spool or self coil.


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