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Silver Wire Mesh

Silver wire mesh

Chemical Symbol of Silver is "Ag"

Silver Color:Silvery white


Melting Point:961.78℃ 

Boiling Point:2213℃ 

Moh's Hardness:2.5  

Physical properities:silver wire mesh is the best metal of electric conduction and heat conduction, which has advantages of well flexibility and extensibility.  

Chemical properties:Silver is soluble in nitric acid and hot concentrated sulfuric acid,slightly soluble in hot dilute sulfurid acid, insoluble in cold dilute sulfuric acid. 

silver wire mesh silver wire mesh

Hydrochloric acid and aqua regia can only make the silver surface chloration. Silver has strong ability of alkali-resisting, which is not react with alkali hydroxide,alkali carbonate.  

According to the production process. Silver wire mesh can be divided into:Silver Woven Wire Mesh, Silver Expanded Metal.

Application: battery electrode,fine chemical electrode, biological pharmaceutical electrodes etc. 

1.Silver Woven Wire Mesh

Silver woven wire mesh Material: Silver Wire

 Woven pattern:the longitude and latitude intercross woven

Silver woven wire mesh has several types: burr edge silver woven mesh, wrapped edge silver woven wire mesh. 

Hole pattern:square hole, rectangle hole. 

Silver woven wire mesh:0.2-200 

Mesh width:10mm--2000mm 

2.Silver Expanded Metal  

Production process: stamping

Mesh hole pattern: diamond, similar hexagonal

Specification of silver expanded metal mesh:

Mesh opening: 0.3×0.6mm, 0.5×1mm, 0.6×1.2mm, 0.8×1.6mm,1×2mm, 1.25×2.5mm, 1.5×2mm, 2×2.5mm,1.5×3mm, 2×3mm,2×4mm, 3×6mm, 4×8mm, 5×10mm, 6×12mm and so on.

Mesh thickness: 0.04mm--5mm

Mesh width:5mm--1000mm

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