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Tungsten Rhenium Wires

What is Tungsten Rhenium Wires ?

Tungsten Rhenium Wires

Tungsten wire has fiber structure, when the temperature reaches 1500-1600 ℃, the tungsten filament would turn, and cause high-temperature sag. To improve the quality of tungsten wire, it is always mixed some additives during sintering procession, such as Na2O, K2O, SiO2, ThO to enhance the capacity of high-temperature creep resistance and high temperature anti-sag of tungsten wire. In order to improve the tenacity of tungsten wire and prevent the deformation under high temperature, it usually added some oxides, such as silica, alumina, potassium and so on.

Once tungsten wire used at high temperature after recrystallization, it becomes quite fragile. And it can be easily broken under the condition of shaking and vibrating. In some electric light source products require high reliability, in order to prevent fragmentation of lamp filament, tungsten wire often doped rhenium, known as the tungsten rhenium wire which can make the extension of tungsten-brittle transition temperature decreased to room temperature or below room temperature.

We supply tungsten rhenium wire doped with rhenium, which has much better ductility and stability than pure tungsten in high temperature.

Application of Tungsten Rhenium Wires:

1.Production of specific lighting filaments, thermo-sensitive elements for chromatograph the application of tungsten rhenium wire

2.For making heater and grid wire for TV tube and image-pick up tube

3.For millitary electronic devices



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